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Meredith‘s Stillpoint Circle…featuring Postcards from Heaven

bullet-leafStillpoint has been your resource for healing, guidance and spiritual direction for over thirty years. Now we’re excited to tell you about our latest initiative, Postcards from Heaven – guidance from the angels through their messengers the flowers. This beautiful new offering will be available to you every month when you join Meredith’s Stillpoint Circle to expand Love and Beauty in all aspects of your daily life and the lives of others.

bullet-leafPostcards from Heaven are images of Meredith‘s original watercolor paintings that come to you with a special message of support, love, and healing. (Remember how you’ve loved the Angelic Messenger Cards). Now you can feel the same wonderful energy and receive new daily guidance for ways to stay centered in your Deep Heart. We encourage you to share these postcards.

bullet-leafWhen you join Meredith’s Stillpoint Circle, you’ll also receive timely inspiring videos, audios and written teachings and spiritual practices from her for healing, deepening your connection to Spirit, and revitalizing your daily living.

bullet-leafDonate $39 or more (a one-time donation) to our Helping Hands Initiative/Give It Forward Campaign and join all those who wish to continue to grow spiritually through Meredith’s teachings and to bring personal and global healing to all people and Mother Earth.

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